LentiKats® technology has been developed in the late nineties as powerful encapsulation alternative to classic alginate entrapment of biocatalyst. The PVA-based hydrogel is hardly biodegradable even under non-aseptic conditions.

The lenticular hydrogel particles combine a thin shape (low diffusion resistance) with good retainibilty in bioconversion reactors or WWTP.


geniaLab® discontinued to offer LentiKats® material and small scale equipment to new customers. Existing customers, please contact us directly for any future purchase.

LentiKats® Liquid

50.10.0100.01001 LentiKat®Kit 100 EUR
  1 22.50
  2+ each 20.--
50.10.0250.01001 LentiKat®Kit 250 EUR
  1 48.--
  2+ each 39.--

Contains 80 g (50.10.0100.01001) or 200 g (50.10.0250.01001) sterile LentiKat®Liquid polymer solution prepared for adding the material you want to immobilize, shipped in a reusable glas bottle with screwed plastic cap - all autoclavable. Separate bag with dried LentiKat®Stabilizer to be dissolved in deionised water.

The manual Tips + Tricks is available as an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF-file on request.

LentiKats® Tools


LentiKat®Printer Set Type "S" EUR
  1 2,880.--


LentiKat®Printer Set Type "N" EUR
  1 3,080.--
  • one printer, complete with specially designed printer head and solid mounting device (screws and ballance for horizontal positioning, adapter for dropping plates)
  • Type "N" for 400+ particles per printing, Type "S" for 100+ LentiKats® each action. If you are not exceptionally limited by the amount of availlabe active material to be encapsulated, then the type "N" is the preferred type of printer for you!
  • three bottles of sterile ready-to-use LentiKat®Liquid solution, yielding 100 mL each (LentiKat®Kit 100, 50.10.0100.01001)
  • manual for the printer including "Tips & Tricks"
  • a sterile set of 15 (20 for Type "S") dropping plates with optimised surface for best results

NOTE: The LentiKat®Printer is only offered to existing customers with profound background in the technology. 


Dripping plates "S" (pack of 20) EUR
  1 23.90
  8+ each 20.10
  box of 24



Dripping plates "N" (pack of 15) EUR


  4+ each 32.30
  box of 8


Plates are delivered with lid in sterile bags. Surface has been tested for optimal  lens-shape formation. Types "N" and "S" refer to the according LentiKat®Printer heads (see below).

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