geniaBeads® food 

geniaBeads® petfood

With our product lines geniaBeads® food and geniaBeads® petfood we offer our bring our year-long experience in making hydrogel beads from a variety of biopolymers to the markets of human and animal nutrition.

geniaBeads® as food

geniaBeads® 959 "Vegetarian Caviar"


water, sodium chloride, sodium alginate (E 401), natural flavour, vegetable carbon (E 153), calcium lactate (E 327), xanthan gum (E 415), calcium chloride (E 509)

We can offer a wide varity of  beads properties, like size hardness or colour variations to match your individual needs or expectations.

geniaBeads® as nutraceuticals


with folic acid


water, pectate (E 440), calcium lactate (E 327), calcium chloride (E 509), folic acid

Products are typically delivered "wet", i.e. in preserved transport solution  but might also be dried for easier packaging, transport, and dosage.

Besides basic HACCP provisions we are currently not running any dedicated food or petfood QM system, e.g. ISO 22000 or IFS Food. Of course we'd be interested in establishing such system depending on the commercial basis and of course your needs.

Currently no "off-the-shelf" products available.

Please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry!

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