geniaBeads® bio 

With our geniaBeads® care brand we are offering to immobilise your biocatalyst, i.e. yeast, bacteria*), algae, enzymes**) in high-quality alginate hydrogel beads.

Bead size can be chosen from approx. 0.6 to 1.5 mm as a standard. Larger or smaller diameters are available on request.

Beads are prepared under low-germ but non-sterile conditions.

For optimisation work, we can easily vary e.g.

  • particle size
  • biomass content
  • alginate concentration
  • salt contents, e.g. calcium chloride


*) prior to any work we'll need get and have approved any information related to bio-saftey of your biomass.

**) retention of enzymes will only be given for Mw of 40,000 Da or higher and might have to be approved in a preliminary trial.

article geniaBeads® bio EUR
500 g bottle 1 930.--


3+ each 340.--
  5+ each 290.--
larger amounts up to several 100 kgs on request!
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