Including stockrooms for raw materials and for finished goods, the production area comprises about 1,600 qm in total. We are running three production lines for toll-manufacturing particles and encapsulated materials for cosmetic industries according to EFfCI GMP. Production is done in batches of typically 200 to 500 kg.

For innovative and fast-moving markets like cosmetics and comsumer goods in general it is most important to be able to swiftly react on customers' request. In close co-operation with our developmental lab, we are able to transfer new products from the stage of lab samples approved by the customer, to producing pilot quantities and further to regular production volumes. Production plants are designed modularly, combining unit operations like mixing, heating, processing, separating, filtering in a way to give the optimal product at optimum output to the customer.

Every production step, starting from receiving the raw material to storage of products and commissioning on pallets and shipping is done under GMP condition.

We rely on well-trained, permanent staff as our basis for supplying good quality products!

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