We run two technical laboratories for product development and preparation of encapsulate samples for customers.

The labs are equipped with mixers, heater, filters, pumps, and JetCutters similar to the production facilities to allow efficient and safe transfer to production level.

Hardly any product we make is "off the shelf" but tailored to a customer's individual requirements. Such customisation might "only" be a change in colouring, size, or choice of preservatives, but also could represent a complete new adaptation of the encapsulate's properties during processing and in the application at the end-user.

In close co-operation with our customers we define requirements for the product covering obvious parameters like size, apperance, haptics, stability, and ingredients but also including pack sizes or processability right from the beginning.

Profit from our and Ashland's long lasting experience in encapsulation, and special ingredients like special polymers, pigments, and preservatives!

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