Since 1998 geniaLab is your partner for customised particulate products.


geniaLab® runs R&D laboratories for developing particulate products for various markets. Our team of scientists and technicians works closely with our customers to find the optimal solution.



geniaLab® is produces several ten tons per year of hydrogel particles for the cosmetics, personal care, and home care markets under EFfCI GMP conditions - quality made in Germany!



By its patented JetCutter technology geniaLab® is able to produce particles from a huge range of materials, especially viscous fluids, combining high flow rate and excellent product quality.





For markets of food, neutraceuticals, and agrochemicals we offer services, ranging from basic design, sample preparation and evalutation to manufacturing of  powders and actives.





We encapsulate your biomaterial, e.g. yeast cells, bacteria, or enzymes in hydrogel beads according to your recipe and requirements with regard to loading, size, and additional materials such as fillers.


The encapsulated biocatalyst can be provided as wet matter in buffer or can be dried according to your guidelines.



For more than 10 years geniaLab® has formed an exclusive alliance with Ashland Inc. to develop and manufacture encapsulated products for personal, home, fabric, and oral care. These products are marketed under Ashland's brand name "CaptivatesTM GL".


Besides being ISO 9001 certified since 2004, geniaLab is certified according to EFfCI GMP for production of cosmetic ingredients since 2012.
As of 2018, our production site and some of our products are certified as "Halal".




The patented LentiKats® technology uses PVA hydrogels for immobilisation of biocatalysts. By its special lenticular shape, LentiKats® combine low diffusion resistance with being easily retained in a reactor.


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